Llawr Y Glyn

Minister: Rev Bob Thomas.

Sunday Service Time: 2.30pm

Alternate Sundays @ Trefeglwys

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Llawr Y Glyn Church:
SY17 5RH.


Grid Ref.
SN 932912

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The first chapel was the building we now call Ivy Cottage built in 1844.  The little chapel eventually became too small and the present chapel was built and opened in 1872.


Our Chapel is in the heart of this pretty village.  When the doors are open in summer, you can hear the stream, birdsong and the baaing of lambs. Green hills and woodland encircle the village.


We have fourteen members but are fewer in chapel on most Sundays.  We worship with Zoar Chapel, Trefeglyws on alternate weeks and we enjoy this fellowship very much.  It must be more encouraging for our ministers to see more faces at the services.


We talk about the future of our chapel often.  Llawryglyn without our chapel is difficult to imagine.  Our young people don’t attend often but are sure that they don’t want it to close.  It can be quite depressing hearing about how things used to be in our chapel.  I can visualise a full chapel with the singing raising the roof because we still attract a good congregation at Harvest and Christmas.


We are cheerful, optimistic and caring people and I believe we do try to show our faith through our everyday lives in the village and beyond.


Wendy Wigley – on behalf of Llawryglyn Chapel