Current Plan

A copy of the current Plan is attached below:
Please Note: If any changes have been made to the Plan, as set out in the centre of the Magazine, then these will appear in a Blue font to highlight the fact and in a Red font to highlight a cancellation.

There are various abbreviations used on the Plan, so please refer to the tables below (Key to Plan) if need be.

BOOKS                                                            UNITED SERVICES

 Hymns and Psalms
  UA at Anglican
 M Methodist Hymn Book
  UB at Baptist    
 MP Mission Praise
  UM at Methodist
 ON Methodist Hymns Old & New
  UP at Presbyterian
 StF Singing the Faith  URC at URC
 S The Source  UW at Welsh Chapel
 WB Methodist Worship Book

SERVICES                                                        OTHER

 (A) Anglicans to organise service
 Hp Hospitality
 AA All Age Worship
 T    Transport Required
 AACG All Age Cell Group
 ATS Afternoon Tea Service
 BAP Baptism  
 BC      Breakfast Church
 BTCS Back to Church Sunday  
 CA Chapel Anniversary
 CAid Christian Aid
 CAP Christians Against Poverty
 CC Choral Concert
 CHS    Community Hymn Singing
 CMM Christian Music Ministries  
 Cov Covenant  
 CS Carol Service
 FF Flower Festival
 GCM General Church Meeting
 GS Gift Service
 HC Holy Communion
 HF Harvest Festival
 Jub Jubilate
 LA Local Arrangement
 Leprosy Mission
 LS Lambing Service
 MA Missions Anniversary
 Mary Magdelane by R Jones  
 OWW One World Week
 P & P Prayer and Praise  
 SKS Sankey Service
 SoP Songs of Praise  
 SS Sectional Service
 SSA Sunday School Anniversary  
 TS     Trial Service  
 WCT Welshpool Churches Together  
 WTF Welshpool Transport Festival
 UnS Circuit United Service  

N.B. Services in the Circuit are allowed to take place again now following easing of lockdown by the Welsh Government, but please contact your local chapel as to when they intend starting again.
Editors Marlow,
6 Aug 2020, 02:30
Editors Marlow,
6 Aug 2020, 02:30