Minister: Rev Jacquie Evans.

Safeguarding Officer: Susan Williams -

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Sunday Service Time: 10.00am

Alternate Sundays @ Llawr Y Glyn

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Trefeglwys Church:
SY17 5PU.


Grid Ref.
SN 970907

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Part of a Harvest Festival scene

Flowers adorn the Chapel

 The first Wesleyan church to be built in the village of Trefeglwys was in 1808 but was re-erected and re-opened in 1872. The majority of members at that time were Welsh speaking and it was a member of the Llanidloes Circuit in those days.


‘Zoar” celebrated its centenary in 1972, when our minister was the Reverend Wallace Edwards, it was a great afternoon and evening, with a tea provided by the ladies. All who attended had a memorable time.


There are very few members with us today that remember those pre-1972 years, when there were three services on a Sunday. We are now down to one when on alternate Sundays we join with Llawryglyn church. Uniting in this way has helped us to survive.


In the year 2000 a new school (the first to be opened in Wales in the new millennium) and a magnificent Memorial Hall were opened in the village. It was a great event coinciding with community celebrations.

Our mission as members is to continue to provide worship and witness for Methodism in the community. There is a warm and friendly welcome to all. Our Sunday morning services are followed by tea/coffee, an opportunity to chat and catch up with local events. We feel that coming together in this way encourages new people to the community to join us and share in our worship.

A framed tapestry of the praying hands, was presented to the Chapel members by Mrs Eleri Wyn Williams, daughter of the late Reverend Emrys Wyn Evans, at a service in October 2013, as a lasting memorial of a much loved and respected person, not only of the Chapel, but by the whole community.

It celebrates his 40 years as a minister and recognises his time as a prisoner of war in Stalag 4B Mulbergen Elbe. He served God for 65 years and was laid to rest at Gleiniant Cemetery in Trefeglwys with his beloved wife Gwen. It now has pride of place on the right hand side wall as entering the Chapel.

Eleri and her husband Eirian have moved permanently in to the area. Members are pleased that they have decided to join  "Zoar", with Eleri fullfilling the role of a "Local Preacher" and Eirian a property steward, both are a great asset. Recently, they commemorated a bench in memory of Emrys, placed near the Chapel entrance, with an appropriate inscription.

The Trustees applied for a grant to improve the image of the building and as a result, the front wall has been rebuilt; a boundary hedge replaced by a wooden fence; all exterior wood cladded; window frames painted and the west wall re-pointed. The Vestry has been decorated and the carpet/curtains renewed in the pulpit square. Plans are in place to re-carpet the inside (donated by Longbridge Chapel, Llanidloes), along with the public address and loop systems.

Since the closure of Longbridge, we have been pleased to see and welcome some of those members in to our congregation on a regular basis.

We continue to improve our witness in the Community by arranging social events in addition to worship. A concert in the Spring for example, along with coffee mornings. The Chapel continues to be a "drop off" point for the Samiritan Purse (Shoebox appeal).

The annual service of Remembrance takes place at "Zoar", with around eleven organisations placing wreaths at the Cenotaph. With this year (2018) celebrating the one hundred years since the end of the First World War, it saw a large number pf people (including children) attend. Appropriately, the service was conducted by Eleri Williams and a video recording has been recorded - this can be viewed by following the link below:-

Sadly, whilst our community shop closed three years ago, which now means travelling four miles to the nearest one, the community has seen an increase in housing, another estate is being built, with planning for two more. We look to the future with open arms and enthusiasm.


Alun Bunford

(Updated December 2018)

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